Concept and general conditions

The "60 +" generation is steadily growing. Although some flats are suitable for the elderly, there are only a few flats that meet the requirements for individual care in the event of a need for care (due to old age, illness or physical impairment).

The real estate company Pierre Weydert has therefore decided to create a new concept for "assisted living". The aim is to combine care and support where it is needed. This can be individually adapted to the needs of the residents, thus ensuring their comfort and safety. The accommodation is available for persons aged 60 and over and/or persons with reduced mobility and is designed in accordance with the standards of the Betreit Wunnen " chapitre 5 Infrastructures " of the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 8 December 1999.

We are currently planning projects in various communes in the country. You will find the exact locations in the "Projects" section.

A decisive argument for choosing a flat in one of our residences is that you become an owner and not just a tenant. If necessary, you can take advantage of a service in your own four walls for e.g. errands and shopping, cleaning of the flat and laundry etc. as well as care by a care service recognised in Luxembourg.

What is assisted living ?

As a resident of the Residence, in a safe environment reserved exclusively for senior citizens and people with reduced mobility, you can design your new home entirely according to your personal needs. 
Furnish your new flat according to your own taste and your own furniture and decorate it with your personal memories, books and photographs.

General conditions

When you buy a flat, a contract is made between the resident and the care service/care provider.

The type of care provided is tailored to the individual needs of each resident. An on-call service and access to the emergency call system are available. In the event of problems, you can receive daily support, at set times, from the residence's housekeeper/manager.

If you wish, we can also offer you the opportunity to benefit from complementary services to make your daily life easier. For example, services such as cleaning the laundry and flat, errands and shopping, visits to authorities and banks can be arranged.

In addition, we are keen to promote social life for residents through a varied range of entertainment. A variety of activities will be available to residents.

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Living in an assisted residence means being at home, and when necessary, having access to medical care and many other services that enable you to live a comfortable life.

Suitable flat

The design of the flats combines comfort and high quality.

The basic equipment of each flat includes a kitchen and a bathroom with shower in barrier-free design.

All flats are classified and comply with the standards that flats for senior citizens or people with motor handicaps require. The corridors and doors of the residence are wider than the usual standards. The lifts can accommodate wheelchairs and walking aids and there are no thresholds or insurmountable obstacles. Neither in the individual flats nor in the communal and public areas. All accommodation has a cable connection for television, radio, telephone network and/or internet.

Care service 24 hrs/day - 7 days/week

The approach to care is based on ensuring maximum independence and optimal all-round care for each resident. The qualified nursing service is available to the residents of our residences 24 hrs/day - 7 days/week.

Continuity of care includes all treatments: Convalescence and the maintenance of health, as well as counselling for elderly people with disabilities and their management. In addition, the nursing staff monitors 24 hrs/day - 7 days/week the alarm system of your flat as well as the common areas, which can be triggered with a transmitter in case of emergency or discomfort.

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