You are the owner of a property and want to rent it out? We would be pleased to help you with your project. Renting a property is always linked to risks.

In order to protect your investment, we take great care when renting out your property and only offer you the candidates that we would select for our own properties.

We take care of all the procedures from start to finish; from advertising, visits with interested parties, examination of the candidates, drawing up the lease contract and the inventory and inspection when moving in and moving out. We accompany and advise you at every stage, but you decide on the amount of rent charged, the choice of tenant and the clauses of the lease.

Once we have found a suitable candidate, we will prepare a file for you with the necessary documents such as identification, employment contract, the last 3 payslips and all other necessary information. We can also arrange a meeting between you and the candidate, so that you can make up your own mind before signing a rental contract.

The cost of the mediation service is one month's rent + 17% VAT to be paid by the new tenant, so our services are completely free for the landlord.

Our service includes:

  • Searching and analysing the candidates
  • Drafting of the rental contract
  • Written part of the inventory of fixtures at the beginning of the rental period + photo documentation
  • Written part of the inventory of fixtures at the end of the rental period + photo documentation
  • Drafting of any amendments to the rental agreement
  • Amendments to the contract, if any are needed
  • Continuous advice even after the conclusion of the transaction

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