By entrusting us with the sale of your property, we guarantee you special attention and optimal follow-up to achieve your objective together.

1. Individual and honest advice

It all starts with an initial meeting to discuss your planned project and your situation, so that we can give you the best possible advice on how to reach your goal.

2. Analysis of the property and determination of the real value of the property

Selling your property has a direct impact on your assets, so defining the right value of your property is a determining step for your future. If the price is below the market price, you risk losing a significant amount of money, but if the price is too high, you risk not being able to sell the property at this price and consequently you risk not being able to carry the purchase of your new property.

3. Marketing of your property and continuous follow-up

Our agency has many serious client files, which enable us to offer your property to a wide range of potential clients.

In order to guarantee the best visibility, we work with a large selection of real estate portals on which the advertisement of your property will be published. With your consent, we can also do advertisements in newspapers, distribution of flyers of the property in the neighbourhood, targeted advertisements on social networks, or if the client authorizes it, an advertising canvas in front of the property for sale etc.

We pay particular attention to the follow-up of our contracts; we keep our clients informed throughout the transaction and we take the necessary time to answer all their questions.

4. Sales contract

Our goal is to sign a sales contract as soon as possible but it is most important for us to obtain the best sales conditions for you. We do not sign any sales contract without carrying out an analysis of the financing possibilities of the potential buyers, so as not to waste your precious time.

A signed sales contract engages both parties, so it is the most important stage of the sale, as it sets the conditions of the sale and small mistakes can be very costly, which is why we attach great importance to drawing up the sales contract. Our contracts are checked and carefully examined before being signed by the stakeholders.

Upon our client’s wish, we can establish bank contacts and prepare a complete file in order to increase the chances of obtaining a favourable approval and the best possible interest rate.

We accompany our clients until the notarial act of sale and are still available for advice after that.


If you do not want your property to be visible for the public, we have files with selected customers looking to buy, as well as a network of reliable agencies with whom we work together.

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